The small scattered settlement of Tazo lies like a palm tree oasis in the fertile green Barranco de Tazo in the northwest of La Gomera. In Tazo, a few locals and newcomers live spread out in the valley, as well as a few dogs, cats and goats.
Here, the palm sap „Guarapo“ is extracted from the countless palm trees, which is boiled down to „Miel de Palma“ called palm honey. The palm honey is used by the Gomeros to refine traditional desserts and baked goat cheese. And of course it will not be missing from our breakfast, the „Miel de Palma“ from our neighbour, extracted from the local palm trees!
Around Tazo you can go hiking and mountain biking, we will be happy to arrange a guide who will go hiking or biking with you.
Also in the neighbourhood, massages are offered afterwards.
The beach of Alojera is 15 minutes away by car and there are two other beautiful bathing places nearby; the beach, Playa del Trigo, and the beach of Arguamul. In our neighbouring village of Arguamul there is also the famous, eternally smiling Buddha.
Valle Gran Rey and Vallehermoso are 30 minutes away by car, so it makes sense to rent a car if you want to explore the island a little. If you just want to relax, you can do without. We will be happy to pick you up at the bus stop „Epina“ or, if it suits us, take you from Valle Gran Rey

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